Welcome to Oak Hills Lights!

A holiday lighting project for our community, in Cape Girardeau, MO.

1606 Oak Hills St. (Top of Bertling St. hill at Bel Air.)

Oak Hills Lights is a FREE Christmas holiday musical light show in Cape Girardeau, MO.
In 2021 we have over 14,500 individual LED pixels, which can each display millions of different colors. We also use a projector to add an additional virtual matrix and video display which bumps our pixel total to almost 34,000. We expand our show by adding more lights and music every year! This year’s show runs for over two hours, repeating during our scheduled times.
Please see our About page for more information, and our current playlist can be found here.

Show Schedule:

(Subject to change.)
Until Sunday, Dec. 26
Monday – Friday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 5:00pm – 10:00pm

We run a non-musical minimal light display mornings and during non-show evening hours.

Tune to 103.7 FM to listen to our show when it is running, if you are nearby.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for our supportive neighbors. With that in mind, please:

  • Don’t block roads or driveways.
  • Turn your headlights and driving lights off when stopped. (Keep your marker lights on though, for safety.)
  • Keep you radio volume at a reasonable level. Our neighbors have already heard the music. 🙂

Please keep off the lawn/display area.
There are a large number of hazards including tripping and electrical shock.

Oak Hills Lights is a hobby and is presented for free to our community.
We do not accept any commercial endorsements, payments, or donations.

Follow our social media pages for the latest information. You can also comment and provide feedback there. We are always looking for new music requests and other suggestions to make our show better.

  • Technical Issues and Other Housekeeping…
    We had some technical issues that surfaced last night. Mostly missing music and broken intros. Working to get those fixed today. 🙂 I think we scared off some people last night because we were sitting at the end of our driveway with friends. Don’t be shy- please enjoy the show, and if we are out there- say “Hi”.
  • Schedule and Playlist Changes
    We decided to make a few changes to hopefully give everyone more opportunities to see and hear songs they might like. We are starting earlier on Weekends now- at 5pm. So our current schedule is:Monday – Friday: 6pm-10pmSaturday-Sunday: 5pm-10pm We may run earlier/later as it gets closer to Christmas, but are trying to take it …
  • Stop by and see the show!
    Our show is running now through Sunday, Dec. 26th. Hours are now:6pm – 10pm Monday-Friday5pm – 10pm Saturday-Sunday Please: Do not block traffic or driveways. If you are stopped- please turn off your headlights and driving lights (but leave marker lights on for safety) Listen to our music at a reasonable level. Our neighbors have …
  • Almost Time
    All the lights are up and we are in the process of testing and tweaking things for our opening this Saturday. Note that the time has changed- we are starting at 8pm now, on Saturday, Nov. 27th. We have a little Thanksgiving display up now. It’s just lights, no music. Lots of folks have already …
  • Our Playlist is now available.
    I’ve been working on a bunch of automation for our show, and something I wanted last year was an “active” playlist that would always reflect our current playlist. Well- I had a bit of time to do some programming, and now have our playlist online. Just click on the Playlist menu item. I hope this …