Welcome to Oak Hills Lights!

Animated Christmas Lights in Cape Girardeau, MO.

1606 Oak Hills St. (Top of Bertling St. hill at Bel Air.)

Oak Hills Lights is a FREE Christmas holiday musical light show.

Oak Hills Lights 2021 Christmas light show.
Oak Hills Lights 2021

In 2021 we had over 15,000 individual LED pixels, which can each display millions of different colors. We also used a projector to add an additional virtual matrix and video display which bumps our pixel total to almost 34,000. We are actively planning and building our 2022 show!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by in 2021,
especially those who said “Hi!”.
Also a big thank you to our very-supportive neighbors and community!

Please see our About page for more information.

We will start setting up after Halloween, and will have a lights-only, no music Thanksgiving display in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. You may also see some TEST shows during this time. These will start and stop without notice and will not be complete, or even very watchable.

We currently plan to start our Christmas 2022 light show on
Saturday, November 25th.

Oak Hills Lights is a hobby and is presented for free to our community.

Follow our social media pages for the latest information. You can also comment and provide feedback there. We are always looking for new music requests and other suggestions to make our show better.

  • Sneak Peek at This Year’s Layout

    …and a new sequence! Please note- the above is just a simulation of what our show MIGHT look like this December. Everything is subject to change, and we will not start decorating until after Halloween. There may be more layout updates and samples to come.

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  • Tonight is the last night for our show, for 2021.

    If you want to see the lights one last time- tonight is the night! We’ve loaded our whole playlist for one last night: 5pm – Midnight (hours updated).

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  • More videos added…

    I finished cleaning up and adding the rest of the videos for this year’s show. We have a lot more in our playlist, but this is a good sampling.

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  • Extending Run!

    We were only going to run until this Sunday, Dec. 26, but have decided to go ahead and do a smaller playlist through New Year’s Eve. We will only be playing upbeat Christmas and non-Christmas songs next week. We will still be shuffling the list, but it won’t be quite …

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  • xLights Around the World Project 2021

    Every year a group of dedicated volunteers does a compilation video of hundreds of shows like ours, from all over the world, playing sequences with the same music. This year they chose two songs- one non-Christmas and one Christmas. (They did this last year too.) I’m not a fan of …

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