Welcome to Oak Hills Lights!

A holiday lighting project for our community.

Tune to 103.7 FM to listen to our show.

We started in 2019 with a few odds and ends and one small string of “animated” lights, and created our first full light show in 2020. We plan to continue to produce and expand our show for as long as we can.

We generally start setup and testing in late October, and start the show the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Oak Hills Lights 2021 starts in:

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for our supportive neighbors. With that in mind, please:

  • Don’t block the road or driveways.
  • Turn your headlights off when stopped.
  • Keep you radio volume at a reasonable level. Our neighbors have already heard the music. 🙂

Please keep off the lawn/display area. There are a large number of hazards including high voltage.

Follow our social media pages for the latest information. You can also comment and provide feedback there. We are always looking for new music requests and other suggestions to make our show better.

  • Show Update (September)
    I posted a few versions of this on the Lunar Den Lights blog over the course of the year, but here is the latest layout mock-up for our show this year. Notable changes? Well- everything! We are adding a freestanding mega-tree, additional smaller trees, new high-density matrix displays, a large “face” spinner prop, a pixel …
  • Hello!
    Hi All, welcome to our new page! I decided to separate Oak Hills Lights from our “parent” technical blog, Lunar Den Lights. There is a link in the bottom menu for that as-well, but I know most people just want to know about the lights! Most updates will still be in social media, but I …