Christmas Lights in the Cape Girardeau area.

We couldn’t find a very up-to-date list of Christmas light displays in Cape Girardeau*, so we are putting our own together here! This list will be updated regularly, especially close to Christmas. If you have or know of a Christmas light show that should be listed here, especially one that is exceptionally large or animated, please email us at:

Large Musical/Multimedia Light Shows

Hubbard Family Lights
1565 Jennifer Dr
Jackson, MO

Hubbard Family Christmas Lights (2021)
Hubbard Family Lights (2021)

Hubbard Family Lights raises money for Care Portal. There is a donation box in front of the display. Be sure to check out for updates.

Jeff’s Christmas Lights
1858 Evondale St
Cape Girardeau, MO

Jeff's Christmas Lights (2021)
Jeff’s Christmas Lights (2021)

Jeff’s Christmas Lights accepts donations onsite for The People’s Shelter and SEMO Food Bank. See their Facebook page at for schedule and playlist information.

Oak Hills Lights
1606 Oak Hills St
Cape Girardeau, MO

Oak Hills Lights (2021)
Oak Hills Lights (2021)

Oak Hills Lights is a musical pixel light show that started in 2020. We are on the corner of Bertling and Bel Air at the top of the hill.

We don’t accept donations on-site, and ask that you donate directly to:

Check out or our Facebook page at for updated schedule and playlist information.

Large Conventional Light and Prop Displays

1719 Brookwood Dr, Cape Girardeau

Groves Christmas Lights

The Groves also put together an amazing Halloween display with their neighbors called Nightmare on Brookwood. They didn’t do a Christmas display in 2021, but they are back in 2022! This is a must-see.

Here is their Facebook page:

2046 Perryville Road, Cape Girardeau
Excellent Christmas display with lots of lights, sets, and animation! I couldn’t find a good picture of it. I’ll get one this year (2022).

Other Christmas/Holiday Lights to Visit

Cape Girardeau:

  • Cape County Park (Drive-through. Lots of Memorial Displays.)
  • Carriage Crossing
  • Timothy Circle
    ✏️ We did not see any lights here in Mid-December, 2021.
  • 2624 Melrose Ave.
    ✏️ We did not see any lights here in Mid-December, 2021.
  • 2019 Concord Place
  • 244 Capaha Trail
    ✏️ We did not see any lights here in Mid-December, 2021.
  • Pieronnet Street
    ✏️ We did not see any lights here in Mid-December, 2021.
  • Main Street (Municipal Display)


  • (Coming Soon?)


  • 1 Barton Square in uptown
  • Jackson City Park (Municipal Display)
  • 2360 N. High St.

Scott City:

  • (Coming Soon?)

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*Most of the initial information for this list came from the Southeast Missourian. The same list was published and shared by other local media outlets and social media accounts and appears to have originated in 2019. We don’t know who produced the initial list, and it appeared to be outdated in 2021 as several addresses on it did not appear to have any lights. We will clean up this list leading up to Christmas 2022.