“Must See” Christmas Lights in the Cape Girardeau Area

Updated December 5, 2023

If you have or know of a large Christmas light show or display that should be listed here, please email us at . Please be sure include the address or at least the cross-streets.

🎄 = Confirmed for 2023 season!

Synchronized Musical/Multimedia Light Shows

Hubbard Family Lights 🎄
1565 Jennifer Dr
Jackson, MO

Hubbard Family Lights raises money for Care Portal. There is a donation box in front of the display. Very large and impressive display that is easy to get to/from. Be sure to check out https://facebook.com/Hubbardfamilylights for updates.

1565 Jennifer Dr.

Oak Hills Lights 🎄
1606 Oak Hills St
Cape Girardeau, MO

Oak Hills Lights is a musical multimedia light show that started in 2020. We are on the corner of Bertling and Bel Air at the top of the hill.

We don’t accept donations on-site, and ask that you donate directly to:
Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary

For the best view, head east from Cape Rock on Huntington Dr. That’s where the line usually forms. Please don’t block driveways.

1606 Oak Hills St.

2322 Earleen Dr. 🎄
Cape Girardeau, MO

We don’t have any information about this show, other than you can see it off Lexington near the fire station, and it’s easy to get to from Abbey Rd. or Kent Dr. If you are a fan of singing trees- you will love it! If this is your show- please reach out if there is anything you would like to share about it:

Lighting the Lane 🎄
716 Strawberry Lane

This is a pretty musical light show. It’s easy to get to/from.
If this is your show- please reach out if there is anything you would like to share about it:

Larger Conventional Light and Prop Displays

Groves – 1719 Brookwood Dr, Cape Girardeau 🎄

Brookwood is finally open again, so this is very easy to get to! Very large display filled with animation and lights. It’s been a “must see” in Cape for many years.

It is also very close to Oak Hills Lights:

2038 Perryville Rd, Cape Girardeau, MO 🎄

Popular display on Perryville between Greenbrier Dr. and Meyer Dr, just north of Lexington. It’s difficult to stop long enough to take a good picture since Perryville is usually pretty busy when we drive by, so the above is just a screen grab of a video I took on 12/4/2023. Great display with lots of lights, animations, and decorations.

1621 Mulberry St, Jackson MO 🎄

“We’re mostly a DIY display. All of the wooden pieces were made by us, including the Santa & reindeer on the roof. We also have a mailbox where kids can send letters to Santa & they will receive a letter back. Part of the lights are set to music.”

Candlestick Lane (Fairlane Drive), Multi-Home Neighborhood Display 🎄

Candlestick Lane

Other Christmas Lights/Displays to Visit

Cape Girardeau:

Cape County Park North (Drive-thru. Sponsored displays.) 🎄

Downtown Cape, Main, Broadway, and Spanish Streets (Municipal Display) 🎄

Timothy Circle (multiple houses) 🎄

2624 Melrose Ave – Lots of Inflatables! 🎄

2019 Concord Place 🎄

1722 Crestwood (Cape Rock and Crestwood) 🎄

Email us if you would like to recommend a display in Cape Girardeau:


Email us if you would like to recommend a display in Gordonville:


  • Jackson City Park (Drive-thru. Memorial and Sponsored displays.) 🎄
  • Uptown Jackson (Main and High Streets) 🎄
  • Email us if you would like to recommend a display in Jackson:

Scott City:

  • Scott City Park (Drive-thru. Memorial displays.)
  • Cloverdale neighborhood. Lots of decorated homes.
  • Email us if you would like to recommend a display in Scott City:

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Most of the initial information for this list came from the Southeast Missourian. The same list was published and shared by other local media outlets and social media accounts and appears to have originated in 2019. It was not updated for a few years, and many of the locations listed no-longer had displays, so we decided to try to create a new list for everyone.

In 2023, the following list was making its way around social media. We don’t know the source. (If it was you, please let us know so we can properly credit it.) Most of it was already included on our list. We did add two locations we didn’t know about from it: Uptown Jackson and Lighting the Lane. This list is great because it is organized geographically, making it perfect for driving.