About Our Light Show

Oak Hills Lights is a hobby project presented to our community for free by Kim and Wolf Butler.

We started with more-conventional Christmas lights and decorations in 2017, and added a small string of LED “pixels” as a fence along our driveway in 2019 as a test. We ran our first full LED pixel light show in 2020 with about 7000 pixels (lights).

In 2021 we added a light show staple- a “Mega Tree”, along with new high-density props and matrix displays, more than doubling the number of pixels in our show. We don’t really know what 2022 has in store yet… ­čÖé

Wolf runs a blog called Lunar Den Lights with more technical information about our show, projects related to it, and LED pixel resources for anyone interested in also doing something like this or just learning more about it. Fair warning- it’s expensive and can be very frustrating. More in the Q&A below.

2021 Show Statistics:
Over 7400 individually-addressed LED pixel modules (“bulbs”).
15 matrix panels of 512 pixels each for an additional
7680 pixels.*
Projected video matrix of
19,200 pixels.
Over 100,000 control channels, managed by 7 controllers (computers).
The lights are updated up to 40 times/second.

Our main playlist in 2021 had over 55 songs and ran over 2 hours and 40 minutes. We have a mix of traditional, modern, and humorous Christmas Music, along with some popular non-Christmas songs. We try to have a mix of something for everyone. We shuffle our playlist daily so the show is different every night.