We know a lot of light displays like ours collect donations. For tax, legal, and safety reasons- we have chosen not to place a donation box out in front of our home or accept donations directly.

If you would like to support a local charity, please support Safe Harbor Animal Shelter:

If you would like to support our lights, none of this would be possible without two open-source software projects- xLights and FPP. You can donate to one or both of these projects directly here:

xLights (xLights Sequencer)
(Direct link to PayPal donation page.)

FPP (Falcon Christmas – Falcon Player)
(Click on Donate button near the upper-right corner.)

You can also support us by using our Amazon Associates link when you shop at This doesn’t cost you anything extra, and we don’t get any information about you or your purchases. The (frankly tiny) amount of money we make from this helps defer our Web hosting costs.