Tonight’s Playlist

Please note: Our light show runs from mid-November until New Years Eve. Any playlist information below is for sample/testing only. We are looking forward to November 2023!

     *Now Playing information is experimental and may not be accurate.

Our playlist is shuffled daily, and repeats during our posted show times. See the Home page for current schedule.

We play mostly new and old Christmas music, but also include some Disney hits “for the kids and kids at-heart”. Some other non-Christmas songs may be included that are part of current or past media/contest entries, or just for our own fun.

In case of a system error or some other problem- the playlist may be paused, restarted, reshuffled, or a song may be skipped. Because of this we are unable to provide specific song times.

If you would like to request that we add a song, please use our social media accounts. If we feel it is appropriate and do-able, we may try to get it added this season if we have time, otherwise for next year’s show.