FM Radio Issues?

We are aware of some timing issues, especially with car radios. Unfortunately these are the result of the way these radios work, and not an issue with our show or transmitter. Some newer car radios “buffer” or save the music received via the FM signal before actually playing the it through your speakers, which can cause a delay of up to 1 second (or more). In some cases this is to allow you to “rewind” songs or enhance the sound. In others it is simply because of delays caused by the software controlled receiver and audio system.

If you notice significant audio delays, look for any of the following options in your car radio’s settings and try turning them off:

  • “Rewind”, “Shuttle”, or “Skip”
  • Live Pause
  • HD Radio
  • Sound Enhancement
  • Equalizer
  • “3D” or “Spatial” Audio
  • “Recording” or “Playback” options

Also look for a “Drive-In Theater”, “Live Audio”, “Sports” mode, or anything similar, and turn it on.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do to “fix” this as it is a problem caused by the car radio itself. If you enjoy shows like ours (and others in town) you might consider buying a cheap portable radio or “boom box” to listen. It’s always a good idea to have a portable radio for emergencies anyway. Also some Android phones have built-in FM radios, which you may need an app to activate. Unfortunately iPhones do not have any such option.