Mock Up September 2021

Show Update (September)

I posted a few versions of this on the Lunar Den Lights blog over the course of the year, but here is the latest layout mock-up for our show this year.

Notable changes? Well- everything! We are adding a freestanding mega-tree, additional smaller trees, new high-density matrix displays, a large “face” spinner prop, a pixel “fence”, and a lot more stakes. Just about everything has moved from last year too. We are condensing things a bit and just doing the front of the roof this year. We are also working to add at least 10 more songs!

We will probably start setting up earlier than Halloween this year, just because we have a lot of new stuff to roll out. We still plan to start the show the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, although there will probably be a few “tests” before then as we start to get things installed.

Once started, the show will run roughly from 5pm (dusk) to 10pm, likely later on Friday and Saturday. We may have to break things up a bit depending on traffic. We will display our schedule and any announcements on the sign above our carport/driveway, and of course here and on social media.

We welcome you feedback and song suggestions- just send us a message through our Facebook or Twitter accounts, and we will reply as soon as possible.