Technical Issues and Other Housekeeping…

We had some technical issues that surfaced last night. Mostly missing music and broken intros. Working to get those fixed today. 🙂

I think we scared off some people last night because we were sitting at the end of our driveway with friends. Don’t be shy- please enjoy the show, and if we are out there- say “Hi”.

Also- please-please do not stop in the middle of the street. It’s a busy corner and we don’t want anyone getting hurt. Best viewing is across the street (please don’t block our neighbor’s driveways though). Just come up Huntington or Bel Air from Cape Rock.

We’ve added a few new songs to the playlist this week as-well:
Christmas Like
Christmas Jam
Like It’s Christmas
What Child Is This

And a Charlie Brown Christmas monologue with Linus and Lucy.

You can find them in our Playlist, which is randomized every day.